1. In general:

1.1   The rules of the usage (hereinafter - the Rules) of the online shop is a written agreement between (hereinafter - NEWfilter) and you (hereinafter - the Buyer). The Rules must be followed by all online shops visitors (hereinafter - Visitors), who are visiting or using any NEWfilter services. This also applies to unregistered NEWfilter Buyers.

1.2   The term "usage of the online shop" is understood as any action which is performed by the shop visitor who is connected to the NEWfilter with electronic communication networks using Internet browsers (Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari, etc.). The term "services" is understood as any action performance while connected to the online shop, including browsing the shop, the registration, the purchase, review writing, and all other actions.

1.3   If there are no additional indications - the use of the Web site is free.

1.4   NEWfilter at any time has the right to add and/or change these Rules. Changes and/or additions of the Rules shall enter into force from the moment it is published in the online shop. If the Visitor continue to visit the shop it means that he agrees with the Rules and is familiar with them.

1.5   The Buyer using NEWfilter unconditionally accepts and undertakes to follow all the Rules and requirements.

1.6   Questions that are not discussed in these Rules are governed by other provided NEWfilter Rules, documents or agreements. The Buyer visiting this online shop and performing its operations, agree to comply with these Rules.

  1. Registration and protection of personal data.

2.1   to use this online shop can both registered users and without carrying the registration. While ordering goods the buyer must fill in the necessary personal data as name, e-mail. mail address, etc.

2.2   During registration NEWfilter Buyer undertakes to provide only the right data (hereinafter - Data). NEWfilter and the Buyer agrees that the online shop will held the provided Data to be correct and complete. NEWfilter is not responsible for the Buyer's wrong, incomplete or changed Data, the Buyer is responsible for his own personal Data.

2.3   It is forbidden for the Buyer to steal another person's identity and/or to submit its data. NEWfilter has the right to block registration immediately and without notice. If there is a suspicion that could be done harm for any third person or for the online shop, NEWfilter can pass the Data to relevant state institutions without any further notice for the Buyer.

2.4   The NEWfilter Buyer undertakes to ensure the confidentiality of his data and disclose them to third parties. The Buyer also commits to ensure that third parties will not make his data to connect the online shop. The Buyer is responsible for any actions of third parties made using any of his Data.

2.5   The Buyer confirms that he is responsible for the confidentiality and security of the Data needed to use NEWfilter shop.

2.6   The Buyer agrees NEWfilter to handle the data provided for the Rules, for the service provision, for the marketing and statistics data, and for other purposes.

2.7   The Buyer agrees that after the registration of its profile the Data is made available for other online shop buyers (except the Data which can limit the Buyer himself, or which, according to the legislation of the Republic of Lithuania, is not published without the person's consent) and NEWfilter is not responsible for the usage of this kind of information.

2.8   The Buyer visiting NEWfilter unconditionally agrees with the Privacy Policy rules.

  1. Rights and obligations of The buyer and NEWfilter

3.1   NEWfilter has the right to change the service or parts of the content of the information without prior notice to the Buyer. The Buyer understands and agrees that NEWfilter is not responsible for the consequences of such actions and the Buyer refuses to raise claims for the NEWfilter for such action.

3.2   The Buyer agrees and accepts that he is responsible for the contained personal information that is used for online shop.

3.3   NEWfilter reserves the right to limit or completely stop the buyer the right to buy without any notice and without any reason.

3.4   The Buyer agrees that NEWfilter has the right to stop its activities at any time and without prior notice.

3.5   The Buyer has the right at any time to refuse the access of NEWfilter services and remove his account.

3.6   The Buyer using the NEWfilter services must follow the established moral and codes of behaviour norms, he must not violate legal requirements and third party rights and interests, including the laws on intellectual property protection, personal data protection, the regulation of advertising and so on.

3.7   Using NEWfilter Buyer are prohibited:

3.7.1          Use the online shop where it can endanger for the proper functioning and security of the Shop. Also, when there may be limited opportunity for other people to use NEWfilter services;

3.7.2          To distribute links to content that may be considered obscene, pornographic, offensive, discriminatory, or in breach of legal requirements;

3.7.3          While registering a username or an email address use words that can be considered obscene, pornographic, offensive, discriminatory, or in breach of legal requirements;

3.7.4          To pretend to be other person and mislead NEWfilter;

3.7.5          To advertise their products in online shop without NEWfilter permission;

3.8   The Buyer undertakes to NEWfilter:

3.8.1          To perform no actions that could harm other persons;

3.8.2          Do not distribute by the legislations prohibited information;

3.8.3          Do not violate intellectual property rights.

3.9   NEWfilter and the Buyer agrees that after a breach of at least one of the items NEWfilter has the right to limit or completely block access to the Buyers NEWfilter services without noticing.

3.10       The Buyer understands and agrees that NEWfilter has no control to the over third-party content, placed at comment or forum sections, as well as NEWfilter do not guarantee the quality of such content.

3.11       The Buyer understands and agrees that by using NEWfilter services he is not fully protected from the adverse effects of such content

3.12            The Buyer has the right to express his opinion about NEWfilter shop and services. The Buyer confirms that provided information meets the requirements:

3.12.1       The content of the message will be correct and not misleading;

3.12.2       Will not violate the rights of NEWfilter or third parties;

3.12.3       Will not violate laws and regulations;

3.12.4       Will not cause legal consequences for NEWfilter.

3.13NEWfilter reserves the right to modify or delete comments left in the online shop, without notice of the Buyer who left comments.


4         Ordering

4.1   Preferred for ordered goods the Buyer can find in an electronic catalogue of goods (hereinafter - Catalogue). For a more detailed description of the goods, the Buyer must click on the product name. NEWfilter reserves the right to modify the goods, descriptions, prices, etc. without further notice. All goods located NEWfilter catalogue can be ordered, but NEWfilter is not liable if the item from booking catalogue is not in stock.

4.2   All prices are in euro (EUR). The cost of delivery is not included in the purchase price. Delivery procedure is described in the "Delivery" section.

4.3   The Buyer ordering the selected goods must form the basket of goods and fulfil all the steps in the ordering sequence where the last one is the choice of payment method and the proof of payment. At the time, it is considered that between the Buyer and NEWfilter was created a legal relations and was signed a contract.

4.4   The Buyer can pay using Paypal or Paysera payment systems. While making payment the Buyer must indicate the orders number and his name and surname.

4.5   The Buyer must provide an address to which ordered goods are sent. The goods will be shipped the same day if payment is got until 14 o'clock. If payment is received after 14 o'clock the goods will be shipped the next day. Delivery period may take 2-6 working days it depends on the country to which the goods are sent. If the goods are not delivered within the time, NEWfilter can be held liable only if it was due to the direct shop's fault. If the goods are not delivered because of the sending operations, the responsibility bears a service company.

4.6   Every Buyer's order is stored in the database of NEWfilter.

5         Intellectual property

5.1   All rights to the online shop and the items in it are protected by the laws of the Republic of Lithuania and other legal acts. The contents of the online shop or other information can not be copied, be made available or distributed without the prior written permission of the NEWfilter.

5.2   All trademarks that are presented online store is NEWfilter property or NEWfilter use them in accordance with contracts or other legal power having transaction-based, consisting of a legitimate trademark owners.

6         NEWfilter disclaimer

6.1   The Buyer understands and agrees, and if the legislation of the Republic of Lithuania and these Rules provide otherwise, the NEWfilter is not responsible for the Internet connection problems and for this reason the buyer's incurred losses.

6.2   Buyer understands and agrees, and if the legislation of the Republic of Lithuania and these Rules provide otherwise, the NEWfilter will never be responsible for actions of the buyer and/or non-compliance of the Rules. The Buyer assumes responsibility for any kind of damages that may result from him or a third party in any way using the NEWfilter services.

6.3   The Buyer commits to NEWfilter he will never return any legal liability because of using online shop.

7         Information messages

7.1   All news releases and other information for the Buyer NEWfilter sends to the e. mail address which was given while making the registration. Information is considered to be received after 5 hours from the time of dispatch.

7.2   The buyer and NEWfilter agrees that copies of the letters in the NEWfilter server is a proof of the of information send to the Buyer.

7.3   The Buyer sends all requests and messages to NEWfilter addresses indicated in the contact section.

8         Final provisions

8.1   The Rules described in are drawn up in accordance existing legislation of the Republic of Lithuania.

8.2   On the basis of arising disputes described above Rules are governed by Lithuanian law.

8.3   The Buyer and NEWfilter agrees that NEWfilter, without any warning to the Buyer may assign its rights and obligations to third parties

8.4   The Buyer and NEWfilter agrees that all disputes will be solved on the basis of these rules.

8.5   All disputes posed by the implementation of these Regulations are solved by negotiations. If all are unable to resolve the dispute within 30 calendar days after a written request has been submitted, such dispute must be finally settled in the Republic of Lithuania Law on Courts which will be provided for a procedure under NEWfilter place of establishment.



1         In general:

1.1   Privacy policy is provided for the basic personal data collection, storage and processing rules through the Buyer NEWfilter services.

1.2   Privacy policy is intended to protect the Buyers personal data against unauthorized use.

1.3   When the Buyer express consent to the processing of his data he is considered to be familiar with this Privacy Policy.

1.4   NEWfilter has links to other Internet sites. NEWfilter is not responsible for the content of these web pages.

1.5   The Buyer can make a purchase as a registered person also without performing the registration. The Buyer without registration is required to submit the following personal data: name, address, phone number, e-mail. address, delivery address. The buyer is responsible for providing his personal data.

1.6   The Buyers can register in For the registration the Buyer needs to submit mail address and password. Registration creates an account in which the Buyer fills in personal data and only he is responsible for the correctness of the data. At any time the Buyer can:

1.6.1          to adjust and/or to add his personal data, adjusted data is in the responsibility of the buyer;

1.6.2          Contact e-mail if he wants to remove the account.

2         Personal data storage and handling procedures

2.1   The Buyer agrees that his data (name, e-mail. Mail, etc.) are used for NEWfilter performance as analysis  and direct marketing. Personal data for analysis and marketing research has limited storage duration - three calendar years from the date of submission of data.

2.2   NEWfilter ensures that the Buyer's personal data will be processed only to provide adequate services in the online shop.

2.3   NEWfilter commits not to disclose customers personal data to third parties, except:

2.3.1          If the Buyer has agreed on the disclosure of personal data;

2.3.2          Processing the order for the NEWfilter partners who provides good delivery service;

2.3.3          For the law enforcement authorities by the Republic of Lithuania statutory procedures;

2.3.4          If it is necessary to prevent criminal acts or necessary to investigate them.

2.4   Customer rights:

2.4.1          Upon a written request to get access to NEWfilter held information about the purchaser. The information is provided to the Buyers e-mail;

2.4.2          To request in writing NEWfilter and receive information from any source and type of the personal data collected, the purpose for which the data is processed, to which recipients and were provided over the last year. The information is provided to the Buyers e-mail;

2.4.3          Via e-mail submit a request to suspend the use of personal data or to close existing account;

2.4.4          To disagree with the Privacy Policy. In this case, the Buyer loses the right to buy goods online shop NEWfilter;

2.4.5          To disagree that the customer data is used for the direct marketing purposes.

2.5   The Buyer's personal data is provided to the European Union Member States or other foreign countries under the same conditions and procedures, as well as entities in the Republic of Lithuania and only for the purpose provided in this Privacy Policy.

2.6   NEWfilter protects the personal data to the extent provided in this Privacy Policy. After the elimination of the personal account the personal data can be stored up to six months in the NEWfilter server.

2.7   NEWfilter ensure that the submitted information is protected from any acts of unlawful interference and the personal data protection meets the Lithuanian legal requirements.

2.8   Personal data is protected against loss, unauthorized modification and usage.

2.9   The Buyer is committed to protecting his username and password and other data. The Buyer is responsible not to disclose personal data about themselves or about third parties, if such third parties of personal data have become available to him, and as soon as possible inform NEWfilter by e-mail

2.10       The Buyer agrees that his personal data will be hold in NEWfilter server as are required by the specific features of the activities.

2.11       Any request or instruction related to the processing of personal data Buyers can send via e-mail

2.12       When administering and diagnosing potential problems administrator of NEWfilter can use the customer IP addresses.

3         Personal data adjustment

3.1   The Buyer gives NEWfilter the right to collect and use personal data for such purposes, as provided in the Privacy Policy of NEWfilter and other documents.

3.2   Consent to manage and protect the Buyer's personal data and its giving or cancellation only applies to the forward. Upon NEWfilter gets the notification  from the Buyer by e-mail or other means provided for by the Privacy Policy, NEWfilter immediately suspends processing of personal data and cancels Buyers Account. Also, that does not mean that NEWfilter has to delete from the server or destroy personal data if NEWfilter has a legitimate reason to keep them, especially when is need to ensure public safety, public order, crime prevention, investigation of the rights and freedoms of others.

3.3   If the Buyer wants to know what kind personal data NEWfilter has about him, the Buyer must contact the NEWfilter via email and to submit his personal identity document (passport, identity card, driving license). NEWfilter receives a response within thirty days. Data provided free of charge once per calendar year.

3.4   If after access to the personal data the Buyer determines that personal data is collected or obtained from an illegal source, or that personal data is processed not for the purpose, to which they are put in the online shop, the Buyer has the right to apply to the NEWfilter e-mail address, and ask to stop such personal data processing operations. The Buyer, who uses NEWfilter without registration and receive a response from NEWfilter which observes inaccuracies or errors in the personal data has the right to demand, but no later than five working days, his personal data to be clarified as soon as possible. The Buyer who uses NEWfilter as registered member personal data corrects himself logged into his own account. NEWfilter has the right to correct personal data or stop the personal data processing only after identifying the buyer who appealed personality.

3.5   If NEWfilter doubts about the Buyer's personal data correctness it may suspend the Buyer's personal data processing operations until this data will be verified and clarified. Such personal data will be used only to verify their correctness.

4         Final provisions

4.1   NEWfilter may update this Privacy Policy by posting a new version of it is in the online shop. The Buyer should review this page to ensure that it satisfied and he does not object to any changes.


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