About NEWfilter

NEWfilter is an online shop of air filters for indoor ventilation systems. This online ordering system is designed for customers who knows what is a good quality, air filter delivered in short time. To use NEWfilter is very simple: you have to fill in the search box the information about the air filter dimensions (length, height, width) or the name of the air handling unit (e.g. Smarty 3X P) for which replacement filter is needed. After you will be directed to relevant product page. If there is no filter you are searching for, just write us an email and we will produce the air filter you need. The air filter or set of filters will reach you in a short time in any of the European countries. Our goal is to help you to save time and money by finding the right and high quality air filter.

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Address: Ragainės str. 100; 78109 Šiauliai, Lithuania

Tel. +370 41 54 0415

  • Top quality products
  • Best customer service
  • 14-days money back guarantee

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