Why it is necessary to change the air filter?

First of all, polluted air filter restricts incoming /outgoing airflow to/from the air ventilation system. In this way airflow puts an extra strain on the fan motor and, if not changed the filter, after sometime the engine may overheat and the system will stop working. To change the components of the system can be more expensive than to replace the filter. Also, the air handling unit fan with the dirty air filters consumes more power. Indoor air quality decreases and the limit of CO2 is reached more rapidly. Changing the filter is a small investment to the smooth functioning of the air ventilation system.

How often should the air filter be changed?

Air ventilation system filters are advised to be change every six months. If there are people with allergies, it is advisable to change the air filters every quarter. However, if the system shows alarm that the filters are polluted or even stops working, the filters should be replaced immediately.

Which class of filter must be chosen?

In your ventilation system we recommend to use the manufacturer's specified class of air filters. If you use a lower class filters, the system will be polluted more rapidly and you will need to change the air cleaning filters more often. The filter class specified by the manufacturers is the best choice.

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