SmartAir KR-3 SW50+ G4 filter set

SmartAir KR-3 SW50+ G4 filter set


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NEWfilter offers you to order a pocket filter FMK 287-592-350/G4/3k and FMK 592-592-350/G4/6k set which is adapted for the SmartAir KR-3 SW50+ G4 class filter section. The set consists of two pocket filters (1 x FMK 287-592-350/G4/3k and 1 x FMK 592-592-350/G4/6k). Filters are made from the highest quality certified special structure fabric, which gradually increases the density in the direction of the air flow. In this way, different amounts of dust are held in different filter layers. Both filters are designed to capture large particles such as textile fibers, feathers, spores, pollen, etc. The frames are made from galvanised steel.

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