Panel filter set for RIS 150 P EKO

RIS 150 P EKO Panel filter set


Panel filter set for RIS 150 P EKO

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Panel filters MPL217x208x25-F7 and MPL217x208x25-G4 are adapted for the heat recovery unit RIS 150 P EKO. Panel filter MPL217x208x25-G4  is designed to capture large particles such as textile fibers, feathers, spores, pollen, etc. and  is used for exhaust air filtration. Panel filter MPL217x208x25-F7 is designed to capture especially small particles and is used for supply air filtration. Panel filters have a large filtration area and are long lasting. Also, these filters provide a small pressure loss, which affects low power consumption.  The filters are made of synthetic multilayer filter fabric and are framed in a cardboards, this facilitates filter utilization after exploitation. 

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